Our Stud

Established in 1988, Yeguada las Cadenas has a decades old tradition of breeding high quality Pura Raza Espanola (also known as ‘Andalusians’). Thanks to our strong focus on selecting quality broodmares and stallions, we have gained a reputation for breeding quality horses that combine good conformation, movement, beauty and, just as importantly, excellent temperaments. Whilst we breed horses of all coat colours, giving priority to overall quality, in recent years we have also specialised in the breeding of dilute coat colours such as buckskin, palomino and perlino.

Our dedicated and experienced team of handlers, rider and veterinarians make sure that our horses get the best quality care and handling from the day they are born.
We are happy, and proud, to say that our horses have found homes in many countries across the globe, including the United States, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Columbia, Ecuador, Germany, Italy, The United Kingdom, Australia and China.

For those searching for their next equine partner, we offer a holistic service including sourcing of horses (leverage our extensive network of contacts), to training, boarding, veterinary services and exportation.